Hello there!

This is an attempt at rebooting/streamlining my travel blogging.  Thanks for coming along!

I love wandering.  I love exploring a new place.  I love being able to show someone a new place – or even a familiar place, in a new way.  Hopefully this blog will be a way of doing that more broadly.

While I regain my sea legs in the blogging world, some of these early posts might be rehashes of previous travels, until the next adventure comes along.  I’ve certainly had my fair share; I lived for a spell in Australia, Morocco, China, and Paris (France, not Texas).

I still have a long way to go.  I have not even seen all fifty states, let alone all there is to see in the places I momentarily called home.


I am not a hurried traveler.  I am not the first in line to go skydiving.  I enjoy museums and points of interest, but also enjoy finding something off the beaten track.  I do read guidebooks and blogs – but I’ll always take a friend’s advice.  (That’s how I found an amazing latte and cinnamon scone in Reykjavik.)  With these ideas in mind, I’ll stroll through a place and see what I see.  I’ll poke my head into any store, museum, park, you-name-it that looks interesting.

I’ll just…wander.

Would you like to come along?  We might just find something awesome together.

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