My name is Rosey.  I wander, I stroll, I eat, I sit in the sunshine.  I sometimes show people around; I always try to inspire them to go.  Follow me on Instagram!  (enviedeflaner)

When I was 13, someone asked me to describe a trip I’d taken with my father.  My answer was, with a shrug, “We wandered around looking for restaurants and hotels.”  It was of course more than that (it was France after all) – it’s always a bit more than that – but that basically sums up how I travel.

These days I mostly travel alone.  Sometimes I go on adventures with friends or family, but in this blog most of the posts will focus on solo-traveler wanderings.  Take what you like, and improvise (after all, sometimes the best finds are accidental).

I’m usually in search of a delicious, not-terribly-expensive meal, but I will indulge for places I love.  I tend to steer clear of questionable-looking street food (but have had wonderful food truck meals).

I seek out moderately priced, comfortable lodgings – my baseline is my own door and usually a private bathroom, so uber-budget-travelers might want to do a little further digging.

Hopefully you’ll find something in this blog to inspire you to go somewhere (even if it’s around the corner).

Note: I know that, traditionally, the flaneur (or flaneuse in my case) is often attributed to, or contained within, the city (and/or intellectualism).  Within the context of this blog, I’d rather focus on the act of flaner, to wander, to stroll, perhaps to find the unexpected – not always in the city (and sure, I’ll take some of the idleness with it).  Yes, I do some research ahead of time (or have a guidebook with me), but do not always stick to “a plan” when it comes to touristing.

Let’s wander.